(April 20th - May 22nd)

Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus. It is the 2nd sign of the zodiac and rules all 2nd house issues including our money, possessions, and what we really value, which includes much more than the aforementioned. The issues of Taurus often put our true values in conflict with things such as money. If you are offered two jobs and the higher paying is going to ruin your lifestyle, you may choose not to accept it, as you value your time and friends more than a bigger paycheck. Physically Taurus rules the throat and the cerebellum.

Being a fixed earth sign and thus one of the most unmovable in the zodiac Taurus tends to be quite stubborn. It is depicted as the bull and so rightly named. As is often the case the very things that make a sign strong in some ways may weaken it in others. The tenacity and steadfastness one grows to rely on with the bull can also make for an unbendable personality, and when change is needed this can become a problem especially in relationships.

One of the lessons for this sign is to learn to move. Taurus along with Capricorn tends to develop diseases stemming from inactivity. It is important that this sign exercises and stays in the stream of life's activities as the years go by, otherwise arthritis, rheumatism or other problems of inactivity and crystallization may occur.

In love affairs this sign tends towards stability and longevity. They are extremely sensual and caring. It is only rigidity that limits their growth of expression. Try to understand what the stubborn bull is saying beneath the "know-it-all" attitude and you will hear a loving, supportive partner. Taurus is essentially a builder, whether it is the home, a career or a strong relationship. The Bull is always trying to put down roots. They are loyal and steadfast, though their tenacity limits some of their experiences.

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