(November 21st - December 21st)

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter, by far the largest planet in the solar system. Being the 9th sign it rules all 9th house issues, which include long journey, foreigners, higher education, the higher courts, lawyers, and higher consciousness. It is represented by the centaur; half man half beast. Which will win out in the battle for the soul depends upon the individual. There is a struggle in us all between the animal side and the higher side. Some signs show this tug of war more clearly than others. The archer strives for the higher level of being his whole life. Incredibly active and risk taking in youth the Sagittarian tends to slow down as he ages and does most of his traveling and risk taking in later years in the mind. It is important that they remain active or suffer the physical difficulties associated with inactivity, such as atrophy, especially in the hips. The Sag that feels he doesn't reach this higher level can become morose and irritable as he ages. Any long journey will do this sign great good. Everything is their lives must be bigger - bigger plans, bigger house and if they aren't careful, bigger behinds. The main concern for Sags is overdoing.

In the psychological makeup of the individual Jupiter rules optimism and expansion of the mind. In the physical body it rules the Liver (the largest organ in the body) the hips and the sciatic nerve. It also rules all issues of overdoing, which can lead to many heath concerns. If Jupiter is afflicted especially to Venus or the Moon there will be a tendency to over eat, drink and play. An affliction to Saturn will result in a physical problem in those areas ruled. It often leads to a break in the hip or a restricted and painful sciatic nerve.

They have an understanding of people and a strong intuition that makes them good counselors. Their sense of humor and fair play gives them an ability to see the other person's point of view. They also have a breezy, casual attitude and an easygoing manner that can be very deceiving. There is much going on behind that sweet smile. The constant struggle with the animal half makes them conscious of every reaction they have. Of course being the most out going sign of the zodiac they tend to say exactly what's on their mind. Sometimes the arrows fired from the archers bow are painful. They somehow know exactly what the other person's weak points are and have an uncanny ability to hit them.

One major problem is procrastination. This sign will find more excuses to put off until tomorrow what should have been done last week than all the other sings put together. But once they get going it's like everything else in the Sag's life. It's all or nothing.

In love the Sagittarian is honest and direct as in everything. Tact is what must be learned or hurt feelings will abound. Females with this sun placement have a difficult time in relationships with men because of a lack of femininity. But they can more than make up for it with the honest and loving friendship that comes along with it. In time the married Sag picks up enough feminine traits to satisfy the balance. If you want to pull the wool over someone's eyes the trusting Sagittarius will fall for it for a while. But once they realize they've been had the game is over. You'd be much better off being totally honest and direct. What works with other signs will not work here.

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