(July 22nd - August 23rd)

This fixed fire sign is ruled by the Sun. Being the 5th sign of the zodiac it rules all 5th house issues including children, romance, gambling, games of all sorts, and the creativity one does alone as opposed to a group project. They do tend to show exceptional pride in their children.
Physically it rules the heart and chest cavity as well as the flow of blood out of the heart. (The opposite sign of Aquarius rules the blood as it returns to the heart.) The Sun is thought of as the will of the individual. It is what we most want in life and the placement of the Sun in an individual's chart by sign and house will tell you much of what drives that person to action. Whatever house the Sun is in will give a powerful secondary influence. For example if the Sun falls in the 7th house it would display qualities usually associated with the sign Libra, a strong desire to marry from an early age, for example. In the 12th house they would seem a lot like a Pisces, etc., no matter what sign the Sun is in. This is especially true for this sign.

Leos are natural born leaders with the lion's roar, though behind this façade is often found a pussy cat whose main drive in life is to fulfill the 5th house desires for games and romance. Because it is a fixed sign there tends to be a great deal of stubbornness, and despite a generous nature the Leo is capable of being easily hurt and changing moods almost like its predecessor the crab.

In romance you can expect the Lion to be possessive and a bit arrogant. When in love they are tenacious and child-like, often playing those 5th house games to gain an upper hand. But underneath you will find just as unbending a desire for loyalty and trust. The fire signs tend towards fast judgment, making friends quickly and expecting the friendship returned in kind. Leos especially prefer to take the leadership role in any group and will at times drop out if they are forced into a subservient position. They do not like to delegate authority preferring to keep it themselves.

The lessons for Leo are big. When the lion is evolved he or she displays dignity, self-respect, courage and integrity. When the ego takes precedent they will act more like Burt Lahr's cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz. They have much to gain by growing up and just as much to lose if they don't. The hardest lesson for them is to learn service to others.

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