ISSUE # 213


April 2017



This month has a number of difficult transits that may prove confrontational and can produce tension. Be careful how you communicate with each other. Misunderstandings will abound, and there will be an underlying angst that could create tension. Here are the aspects we are dealing with this month.


Jupiter will square Pluto. This is a very powerful transit that has been ongoing for some time. It represents a strong desire for power and control, but because it is a square there will be an equal amount of pushback against any attempt to take over a situation. We will feel this in our personal relationships, as well as in world events. The ongoing tug of war in Washington will only get worse. Also, the recent unprecedented protests in Russia are an example of how this transit manifests. Many Russians literally put their lives on the line to hold rallies and march against the corruption in that nationÕs government. Pay attention to whatÕs happening there. It will have a huge effect on world events, and also point out exactly what direction our world and its various governments are heading towards.


Venus squares Saturn twice!! Because Venus is about to change direction and go direct we will experience this rather dour aspect two times this month. On each pass, we will see many relationships being tested and some either changing or ending altogether. This is a necessary process of pruning that we all must go through periodically. No transits are brought up to hurt us, only to teach us. And with the surrounding transits this square will force us to view our closest connections and see if they are still valid. It wonÕt be a pleasant moment, and you may have to say goodbye to something or someone you hadnÕt expected to have a split with. But in the long run Saturn only does our bidding and it is important to clean house and make room for new ideas, projects and people. If youÕre honest with yourself you will see that whatever is leaving your life now has outlived its purpose. Again, this will be obvious not only in our personal relationships but in world events.


The Sun squares Pluto. This only lasts a day or two, and its effects will act as a trigger to the stronger outer planet transits. But it can have that effect and create an overpowering moment in your life from the smallest of events or details. Pay attention to whatÕs happening when this is in orb, and if there is a connection that is being pulled in several directions at once it requires that you make a decision. Some reactions will be so severe that it will seem as though the results are out of your power. Watch the news all month and you will see a number of explosive power struggles being acted out.


Mercury retrogrades. We experience this annoying transit three times a year. Each time it will create some havoc and can be distracting and difficult to work around. But with some care and attention we can usually avoid most serious problems. Because of the number of hard aspects, we are having in April, we may find that this retrograde is more affective and harder to ignore than usual. Caution is called for in all things, but especially when communicating or traveling.


The Sun conjuncts Uranus. This only lasts a few days, but it is a potentially explosive energy that may set off some major events. There is always the possibility of a violent act, and there really isnÕt much we can do to prevent them all except to stay vigil and aware of our surroundings. This could also manifest as a natural situation, such as a hurricane or other eruption in nature. In your personal lives you should be very conscious of how youÕre interacting with others and try to tone down your rhetoric to avoid misunderstandings and volatile or fiery responses.


Just use caution and be aware of what youÕre doing, and you can avoid most dangerous or difficult situations. There is a lot of energy being emitted this month, and if you project it into useful and creative ways you will be able to accomplish much. If you donÕt pay heed to the warnings, you could get into trouble. But if you do, and youÕre conscious of your actions you should be happy with the results.



The New Moon falls on Monday March 27th at 10:59 P.M. EDT at 7 degrees Aries37 minutes. This is the first New Moon after the spring equinox, and as such represents the first lunar cycle in the beginning of the solar cycle, or the New Year. Every Aries New Moon has an added push behind it. Just as that fire sign is most anxious to get things going (though often not completing what it began), so this New Moon is all about starting new projects and pushing forward with your plans and schemes. There is a tendency for Aries to leap before it looks, and an overly zealous attitude may prevail. ItÕs important not to begin too many things. You wonÕt be able to finish them, and you may not focus on those that deserve your complete attention. If you use this as a jumping off point and aim your efforts further down the road, this can be a very energetic and exciting New Moon. It offers us all a chance to redirect our energy into new projects and ideas that will take about a year to complete.



On Wednesday March 29th at 2:16 P.M. EDT we will all be a bit more realistic and reserved. This is a positive trine, so we can use this energy more readily than if it was a square or opposition. But itÕs still a Mercury-Saturn combination, so there will be some restrictions and limitations put upon your thoughts and communications. This is a very good aspect for settling in and getting your work done. You can clean up paperwork and make preparations for things to come. This is followed by Jupiter square Pluto, an ongoing aspect that the world has been dealing with for some time. So try to use this trine and any other positive transits to look at your life in a pragmatic point of view and decide whatÕs most important for you. That Jupiter-Pluto square is all about power and making gains in your projects. It often is represented by a power struggle, as we are seeing in our government and the serious tug-of-war that exists, not only between the parties but within them as well. 



On Thursday March 30th at 2:41 P.M. EDT this extremely powerful aspect will complete for the 2nd time. We experienced this square November 24th 2016, and it will return August 4th 2017. Although this is completing now, its effects have been felt since about September 2016. It had much to do with the election and the undercurrent of secrecy and hidden agendas during the latter part of the campaign. Some of those issues are now being exposed, as is common with such a transit. There are more things coming out about the Russians, and we are seeing the infighting in our congress. Expect to see more. As we approach those intense eclipses on August 7th & August 21st some of the issues that are being exposed now will come to a head. I think we will be in the midst of an incredible power struggle in August, as that Lunar Eclipse splits right down the middle of AmericaÕs map.


Pluto is about power, but it also feels the need to bring things to light. While Scorpio has a reputation for being secretive, I have found that it has just as much a need to reveal those secrets and expose them to the world. Jupiter has the desire to expand and enlarge anything it comes in contact with. It can exacerbate all sorts of issues and blow them out of proportion. Now as this square takes place we are seeing the results of the failed attempt to repel Obamacare and the aftereffects of that. But this is just the beginning. As this year moves along towards August we will be more and more caught up in the secrecy and undercurrent of our society. Pluto is also a vengeful energy, and with Jupiter ruling the law we will see some intense legal battles being fought.

In your personal life you should try to use this energy to your best ability. At the very least you shouldnÕt take on every battle offered. It will just exhaust you. Pick and choose your fight carefully. If something is worth the effort, by all means go into it in full force. But if itÕs just a distraction and isnÕt that vital, try to sidestep it and put your energy where it will do you the most good. Under this square many people will be looking for an argument. ThereÕs no reason why you have to take the bait.



On Friday March 31st 1:31 P.M. EDT the winged god enters this fixed earth sign. It will retrograde in this sign later in the month and reenter Aries for a bit. It will then return to Taurus. With this placement itÕs all about slow and steady. This isnÕt the most active placement for the planet that rules our communications, thoughts and travel, and some of you may feel as though things are moving too slowly for you, especially if you have a very active Mercury in your natal chart. But thereÕs a purpose for everything, and with the Rx Mercury coming soon this will be a month of second guessing and taking your time making a decision. DonÕt fight against the stream. If you go with the energy that is around you, you are using astrology properly and will get the best results.



On Sunday April 2nd at 8:25 P.M. EDT until April 28th at 9:13 A.M. EDT the planet of love and money enters this most dreamy of signs once again. It was in Pisces in January and early February when it entered Aries. But because of the retrograde motion Venus will return to Pisces. We call Venus the lower octave of love and Neptune (ruler of Pisces) the higher octave. Where Venus loves another person, Neptune loves humanity. So you can see this as a melting of the two, the personal and interpersonal. ItÕs a chance to try and reach that higher ground where our ego and will take a back seat to a more important sort of caring. ItÕs not an easy placement, and many people find it hard to embrace this selflessness fully. We are all struggling to survive and take care of our self and our small circle of loved ones. But sometimes itÕs good to see the bigger picture and make sacrifices for the greater good. In our personal relationships, this would be a good time to be more responsive to the needs of your partner and friends. The more you give under Piscean energy the more it returns to you through karma.


There was a very famous Peanuts strip where Linus is talking to Charlie Brown and he says: I love mankind, itÕs people I canÕt stand.  Schultz was a genius. And his ability to put things so succinctly always impressed me. And made me smile.



On Wednesday April 5th at 11:57 P.M. EDT the two rulers of Scorpio create a positive trine. This is a chance to reach out for power and control without disrupting the balance of things. This is a good and workable transit that should make it easier to team up with others towards a common goal. This is a day when issues of control will come up, and if you know what you want to accomplish you can get other people to stand beside you and push. The trines and sextiles must be used proactively or you will not get much out of them. They do not force themselves upon us, as the conjunct, opposition and square tend to do. But if you do use this to your advantage you will be able to get things done.



On Thursday April 6th at 1:06 A.M. EDT until August 25th at 8:09 A.M. EDT this powerful and demanding planet begins its yearly trek backwards. This is a time when you must be careful about the structure upon which you are building future plans. ItÕs more important that you shore up your support and make sure that the foundation is strong enough to hold than to worry about innovation or growth. Business issues can be problematic when Saturn is in retrograde, but it doesnÕt mean that you canÕt move forward or begin a new business. There are many highly successful companies with Saturn Rx in the chart. But itÕs necessary to pay close attention to the purpose of the business and to put extra effort into security. Real estate and construction may be especially difficult, but again it doesnÕt mean that you canÕt sell a house or build something. ItÕs just that you need to pay more attention than usual to the underbelly.



On Friday April 7th at 5:39 P.M. EDT this very positive aspect will bring us a day of socializing and good interaction. ItÕs an aspect that offers us a chance for growth in many areas. Jupiter wants to expand, and it will seek ways to do so. This only lasts a day, so donÕt expect to make everything wonderful. But if you use this in a positive and proactive manner you can get things done, expand your plans and really enjoy the people around you. This is a very outgoing energy and you will gain a lot from your interactions with others. This favors travel and anything educational, and it just mainly makes you feel optimistic and enthusiastic about things. ItÕs followed tomorrow by the rather dour Venus square Saturn, so try to make the most of this while itÕs here.



On Saturday April 8th at 4:28 P.M. EDT this difficult aspect will put a damper on personal relationships and financial matters. We will also experience the Sun square Pluto tonight, so this will be a day of stress and complications. It would be wise to prepare and pay attention to what youÕre saying and how youÕre saying it. It will be easy to overstate your opinion and push someone away. Today we all will be examining our closest relationships to see whether or not they are still valid and useful. If someone has been weighing you down you may choose to change or end the relationship, especially if this or the square to Pluto sets off your chart. This is usually a bad aspect for the equities. Because it falls on Saturday we may not see the results until next week.  However, coming on the heels of the Sun Jupiter opposition mentioned above we may see the markets drop sharply on Friday, or Monday. DonÕt push yourself too hard this weekend. This is a very low energy aspect and many of us will feel its effects. This is a good day for putting together a budget or for cleaning up any work that has been left unfinished. You wonÕt have a lot of oomph, so donÕt plan too strenuous a schedule. Take it easy and if you feel tired or rundown there probably isnÕt anything wrong with you. YouÕre just reacting to these transits. Mercury will retrograde tomorrow, which will add even more issues and may make it very hard to express yourself or to find common ground. Compromise will be difficult, so donÕt make too many demands on you or others.



Also on Saturday April 8th at 8:45 P.M. EDT this harsh transit adds to the difficulties that Venus square Saturn has begun. This is a power struggle waiting to happen. Many of us will get into tiffs, and it would be wise to avoid any direct confrontations that arenÕt worth your efforts. But it wonÕt be possible to sidestep all issues. ItÕs often hard to find compromises under this square, and you may get into some arguments. If youÕre too set in your ways this wonÕt be an easy day. There is tension in the air and many people will be looking for a fight. Try to remain open-minded and seek common ground.



On Sunday April 9th at 7:15 P.M. EDT until May 3rd at 12:33 P.M. EDT our favorite pain in the butt transit returns. We begin this retrograde in Taurus, a notoriously slow moving and deliberate sign. While Mercury is going backwards in this earth sign we can expect things to move very slowly and with an exaggerated cautious approach. It will retrograde back into Aries on April 20th when we can expect things to speed up. Once it goes direct in Aries it will be difficult to keep up, as we will all be racing to play catch-up and stay on top of things. Whenever Mercury retrogrades there are some issues and information that slips through the cracks. Try to pay attention and deal with one thing at a time. If you take on too much, you will most likely suffer the results. But if you are careful you can actually use this Rx motion to your advantage. The world is slowing down and giving us all a chance to look thing over and make some decisions that we will be able to implement once this goes direct.



This monthÕs lunar peak occurs on Tuesday April 11th at 2:08 A.M. EDT at 21 degrees Libra 33 minutes. Caution is called for under this Full Moon, especially in personal relationships. Libra is all about connections between people, and under the best of circumstances this Full Moon each year represents a chance for misunderstandings and explosive interaction. Because the aspects surrounding this are quite harsh they will add to the potential for difficulties in all relationships. We just experienced Venus square Saturn, the Sun square Pluto, Mercury retrograde, and on Friday we have the Sun conjunct Uranus. All of these add up to a week of tension and anxiety. Try to speak with a soft voice and be understanding and gentle. Even the slightest push could set someone off. If there are any issues in a relationship that youÕve been avoiding, they may come to the surface now. Libra is a more malleable energy than many signs, so it is possible to circumvent much of the potentially harsh interaction. But it requires that you actively seek compromise and balance. If you do, this can be a much easier time, and may even offer an opportunity to begin a new relationship or expand an existing one.



On Friday April 14th at 1:29 A.M. EDT this potentially explosive aspect completes. This can manifest a number of ways. For one thing, there is an overly energetic feeling in the air that can seem electric. Uranus is erratic and unpredictable, and if left untended it can create upsetting events and circumstances. There is a powerful need to express our individuality and to get things moving, sometimes at an uncontrollable pace. ItÕs very possible that something could get out of hand and be difficult to rein in. This is often an angry energy that you need to respect. Avoid direct confrontations and aim your force into positive and proactive things. Exercise will help us all eliminate the excessive drive this can produce, which will help prevent some disturbing events.

But the positive side of this conjunct is that it is very stimulating and we will see things from a different perspective. This can be a time of great innovation when ideas seem to come full blown and suddenly. If you can direct this power into useful projects or find a way to work with others without the conflicts, this can be a day of genius when amazing ideas are presented. It may be difficult to bring them to fruition immediately, but once the seed of a new plan has been planted it can begin to sprout. If there are problems in the equity markets there could be a sudden drop in the stocks.



On Saturday April 15th at 6:17 A.M. EDT this planet finally turns around. This has been a very difficult retrograde of Venus. It rules relationships and finances, and both have been hard to work with. Now with its turnaround we can begin to heal some of the wounds that have taken place the past 6 weeks. If youÕve been having a problem in a personal relationship you may try to resolve it soon. I would wait a few days until this energy gets moving, but once it does then you can revisit any strife that has interfered with a friendship or intimate connection. If the stock markets have been bearish, they may turn around now at least temporarily. There are many issues that affect the equities, both astrological and fundamentally, so it isnÕt just the reversal of a planet that will control them. But with Venus and Jupiter having been in Rx for some time, the stocks havenÕt been setting the world on fire. We may see the markets move up temporarily for a while now, but IÕm still not very bullish on the equities and expect them to move sideways or even down for some time.



On Monday April 17th at 8:43 A.M. EDT this realistic and sober trine will allow us all to take things in stride and view our projects and relationships in an honest and direct fashion. This is a positive aspect, and it will be easy to move your plans forward. But it is still a Sun-Saturn connection, so donÕt expect sudden or tremendous movement. This aspect will move your issues ahead, but in a controlled and clear manner. This is a good day to deal with long-term problems and to solidify your foundation. If something has been shaky, it will be pointed out to you now. But you wonÕt find the structure collapsing. Rather you will be given an opportunity to make some necessary changes. If you do, then you will ensure the projectÕs potential success. But if you ignore this transit and donÕt examine what you can fix, down the line when these two planets are in hard aspect you may have a much more difficult time repairing the damage. Use this proactively and fix what you can now. YouÕll be very glad you did.



On Wednesday April 19th at 5:27 P.M. EDT we enter the Fix earth sign. This is one of the more stubborn of the zodiac signs. Its emphasis is on building and ensuring the strength of the structure. Taurus rules the 2nd house of money and values, and it is very much concerned with financial stability and working towards the future. The stubborn side of this sign can be quite unyielding and there are times when itÕs very difficult to get a Taurus to change their minds. With the Sun transiting here now, we all will act more like the bull and it may be hard to make alterations. All you can do is work on yourself. You have no power to change another personÕs perspective. So be aware and try to be as malleable as you can be. Perhaps the other guy will see your attempts at compromise and join in. Maybe not, but thatÕs really all you can do, so put some effort in that direction. This sign is usually good for financial matters unless itÕs afflicted.



On Thursday April 20th at 1:54 A.M. EDT this frequent aspect comes along. This can be a day when people are stubborn and willful. ThereÕs a tendency to think you are absolutely right and not wish to bend at all. That would be a common mistake. Being too set in your ways will only force others to push even harder. Then youÕll have two bulls facing each other, and that often results in a clash of an irresistible force meeting an immovable object. Not much can get accomplished and the headache it can create will not be pleasing to those involved.  



Also on Thursday April 20th at 8:46 A.M. EDT Pluto beings its yearly backward movement. When any planet retrogrades its influence is internalize to some extent and it can be difficult to work with in the outside world. The desire here is to reach deep inside and make serious changes in attitude and approach. If handled properly this can be a very positive and useful time. You can have an internal discussion that reaches new heights of understanding. In the outside world it also offers an opportunity to redirect the energy you are using in groups and with common goals. But if this force is not accepted openly this may be a time when you get into power struggles that have more to do with how you are viewing things than an actual disagreement. You can have a common goal and still not be able to aim the energy towards fruition. Stay as open-minded as you can and look for ways to achieve your true objective. In all human issues itÕs a question of what you really want and need from a situation, not so much what the ego demands. If we all could really understand that concept there would be a lot fewer wars, political fights and personal squabbles. So try to see what you want from the circumstances you are involved in, and look for ways to achieve that.



Also on Thursday April 20th at 1:37 P.M. EDT Mercury retrogrades back into Aries. While itÕs in this sign you can expect people to speak with a harder, pushier tone. This sign is all about beginnings, and there will be an undercurrent of fiery rhetoric and an aggressive approach. DonÕt take the bait if someone is looking to argue unless you feel the matter is worth your while. Often Aries will begin a battle just because things are boring. With Mercury in this sign we all may be prone to this attitude and it would be wasteful to allow unnecessary disputes to distract us from more important things. Be careful while traveling. Not only because Mercury is in retrograde, but because itÕs in this Mars-ruled sign what can blow things out of proportion and stir up the waters. If you use this energy properly you can move your ideas and projects forward in an assertive fashion. While Mercury is in Taurus it tends to get bogged down and not take the initiative. While there are the difficulties I mentioned above with Mercury in Aries, it will at least move your mind and push you to look for new ways of dealing with your problems. 



On Friday April 21st at 6:32 A.M. EDT until June 4th 12:16 P.M. EDT the god of war enters this dual sign. This will add a lot of power to communications of all sorts. Our minds will be moving quickly and most of us will speak in an unrestrained and direct fashion. This is a time to use some caution when talking to others. You may be speaking with a harder tone than you realize. The desire to express yourself is strong, but there wonÕt be the usual filters we all normally use to screen what we say and remove any disruptive phrases. Any anger that is felt underneath will come to the surface and be articulated. Because this does represent a period of unrestrained communications, we can expect to hear some rather disturbing news, both personally and in public issues. The ongoing mess in Washington will be exacerbated and some remarkable information will come out. This is a good time to study any subject that youÕve had a desire to explore. You will find that there is a lot of mental energy and you can focus for longer periods of time and dig deeply into the topic at hand. Use this transit to your advantage and push your mental activities more forcefully. But remember that you might be expressing that Martian tension, and you could come across more angrily than you realize so use some caution.



Also on Friday April 21st at 7:10 A.M. EDT this potentially harsh transit completes once again. Because Venus has recently gone direct after its long retrograde, we are experiencing this square soon after its first pass, which occurred on April 8th. Much of what I wrote on that date still holds true.


This difficult aspect will put a damper on personal relationships and financial matters. It would be wise to prepare and pay attention to what youÕre saying and how youÕre saying it. It will be easy to overstate your opinion and push someone away. Today we all will be examining our closest relationships to see whether or not they are still valid and useful. If someone has been weighing you down you may choose to change or end the relationship, especially if this sets off your chart. This is usually a bad aspect for the equities. DonÕt push yourself too hard this weekend. This is a very low energy aspect and many of us will feel its effects. This is a good day for putting together a budget or for cleaning up any work that has been left unfinished. You wonÕt have a lot of oomph, so donÕt plan too strenuous a schedule. Take it easy and if you feel tired or rundown there probably isnÕt anything wrong with you. YouÕre just reacting to these transits. Compromise will be difficult, so donÕt make too many demands on you or others. Sometimes this square can represent the end of a relationship, and with it coming on the Dark of the Moon that is more likely than at other times. But remember, it will only end those relationships that have outlived their usefulness. Any positive connection that is still helping you grow may be tested and challenged, but it will not end.



The next New Moon falls on Wednesday April 26th at 8:16 A.M. EDT at 6 degrees Taurus 27 minutes. The day or two leading up to it will be a particularly low energy period. If you tend to be emotional this may be a very trying time each month. I have found that people with prominent moons or a Cancer Sun, Moon or ascendant respond to the lunar cycles more intensely than others. Spend this time finishing up anything that is incomplete, donÕt try to initiate new projects on a waning moon, it just wonÕt work out. Once the New Moon hits you begin new projects or attempt a new approach to an existing problem. If you have been living in a situation or involved in a relationship that is intolerable or has outlived its usefulness this would be the proper time to move on with your life. If you have been working on a project that is almost complete but you seem to lack the energy for the finality, you must push during these low energy days to end the matter once and for all. If you donÕt, when the New Moon arrives it will bring this ŅdeadÓ energy along with it and conflict with the newer force being presented. Each month we are offered a chance to clean house, so to speak.


Note: All aspects are most powerful and effective as they apply. Once the transit has completed, its force is lessened. The further it separates the weaker it becomes. 


Below is a list of times this month when the Moon is Void of Course and neither important decisions nor purchases should be made during these periods. The Void of Course Moon is a time when we should try to center ourselves and deal with spiritual matters not materialistic ones. Any decisions made on the VC Moon will not turn out the way we had expected.


The Moon is Void of Course from the time it makes its last major aspect in a sign until it enters the next sign. For example, if the Moon squares Mars at 27 degrees Aries and then has no more aspects until it enters Taurus it will be Void of Course for three degrees or about 6 hours. The aspects used are the conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition. All times are Eastern Daylight Time:


March 29th 8:07 A.M. Š 11:48 A.M.

March 30th 7:12 P.M. Š March 31st 12:40 P.M. ***Moon is void 15 hours

April 2nd 10:43 A.M. Š 2:27 P.M.

April 4th 4:45 P.M. Š 6:13 P.M.

April 6th 8:16 P.M. Š April 7th 12:20 A.M.

April 9th 4:21 A.M. Š 8:34 A.M.

April 11th 2:19 P.M. Š 6:42 P.M.

April 14th 12:17 A.M. Š 6:27 A.M.

April 16th 2:26 P.M. Š 7:05 P.M.

April 19th 5:57 A.M. Š 6:52 A.M.

April 21st 2:23 P.M. Š 13:43 P.M.

April 23rd 5:34 P.M. Š 8:32 P.M.

April 25th 5:53 P.M. Š 9:56 P.M.

April 27th 9:18 P.M. Š 9:39 P.M.

April 29th 5:28 P.M. Š 9:48 P.M.

May 1st 4:23 P.M. Š May 2nd 12:12 A.M.


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