ISSUE # 202


April Š May 2016



For those of you who follow my newsletters you know that I begin to write about important transit long in advance. IÕve been discussing a few of the more dominant ones that we are now experiencing for several years. WeÕre now heading towards the end of the Saturn Š Neptune square, which will complete September 2016. This configuration has led to the rise of extremism in our presidential campaign on both the left and the right. Much that has been buried beneath the surface for a long time is rising as we see in the anger and frustration TrumpÕs campaign has produced. There will be an escalation of violence and most likely more clashes between his supporters and detractors before this is over. This Saturn Š Neptune square also has had much to do with the surprisingly strong campaign of Bernie Sanders, who also invoked much of the collective anger many of us feel. Both candidates represent a Neptunian wish for uncompromising change against the saturnine need for stability and structure. If youÕre old enough to remember the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago (yes, that city has a well-earned reputation for confrontational events) we came very close to shutting down our normal political process. There was the very violent aspect Uranus conjunct Pluto at the time, which led to confrontation between demonstrators and the police resulting in a frightening and radical push against the status quo. The aspects are different now, this square will not be as violent as that conjunction, but it is a harbinger of whatÕs to come.


Every 20 years Jupiter and Saturn conjoin. This is a powerful aspect that has a strong effect on our society. From 1840 until 1960 that conjunction occurred in an earth sign. Every 20 years the president elected while that cycle was in effect died in office. In 1980 the conjunction occurred in an air sign. Reagan was shot in the shoulder, a part of the body ruled by Gemini, an air sign. In 2000 it returned to an earth sign but G.W. Bush did not die. Perhaps the cycle was broken, or perhaps it was just postponed.


In 2020 this conjunction again hits in an earth sign. It is powerful enough on its own to alter our culture in some profound ways. However, in 2020 we will see Pluto also conjoin creating a Jupiter Š Saturn Š Pluto conjunction. This will be a serious and potentially debilitating event. IÕm starting to discuss this now so that you can see the dominoes fall through the coming years. So what do I expect?


First of all, the Saturn Š Neptune conjunction we are now experiencing completes before the election and much of the confusion and distraction will subside. Hillary Clinton will be elected president. But that will only push the anger and disillusionment back under the surface, it will not be eradicated. It will all come out again as the years of her presidency progress. In 2020 there will be a rage in this country that will not subside so easily. We will see the dominoes fall between now and then and you will be able to map out the events that will eventually produce a radical change in our society and political process.


The combination of Jupiter and Saturn creates a level of frustration and the need for its release that has manifested with the removal of our leader in each instance for 120 years. That frustration will continue to grow over the next four years until the conjunction again forces change. In 2000 as that conjunct took affect we changed ruling parties and elected George W. Bush. That was followed the next year by 9/11. The cumulative rage and frustration that the collective felt produced these events. Now as we begin to approach the next conjunction in that cycle in 2020 we will again see all the anger and frustration weÕre pushing into the collective unconscious rise to the surface. The biggest fear is that with the addition of Pluto, ruler of plutonium, into the equation there may be a nuclear element this time. Has Iran hidden its completed nukes? Do North KoreaÕs leaders finally lose what little sense they have? Or does Isis or some other terrorist group get its hands on the illusive genie in a bottle? Maybe not. But it will be a period of serious tension and hidden agendas coming to the surface. It warrants close scrutiny and preparation in anticipation of that period a mere 4 years from now.


The stock markets continue to move sideways, as I have predicted they would since the crash of 2008. The equities are about where they were before the crash and have only moved sideways. This is not a bull market, but a recovering one. As IÕve always said, when the stocks collapse, buy baby, buy. Those who run big hedge funds know this and wait until the dust settles, then they jump back in and grab bargains. This is similar to the period between 1967-1982, a full 16 years. Despite making a new high several times during that time, at the end of that period in 1982 the DOW was exactly where it had been in 1967. It took that long for a new bull market to begin. They will continue in this motion for some time. IÕll be doing a series of lectures in the near future using a powerpoint presentation to explain the history of the markets and what we can expect in the near future.


Mars and Pluto will both be retrograding within a day of each other this month. They are the modern and ancient co-rulers of Scorpio, and we can expect some interesting results. There will be an internalization of this intense signÕs powers, which allows us an opportunity to release a lot of buried tension and clean out our personal and collective unconscious. If this is used properly it can be a very positive and useful period when we all delve deeply in the underbelly of our lives and remove the waste (ScorpioÕs job) that is festering beneath the surface. ItÕs a chance to cleanse and expunge what is no longer needed. But it does require our attention and careful discourse regarding exactly what should and shouldnÕt be thrown out. This will be a time when we can open ourselves up to new ideas and objectives. This can result in the black or white nature of Scorpio that is capable of indiscriminant removals that we could regret in a while. It can also be a time of secrets and hidden agendas being exposed without discretion. Be careful how you employ this cleansing and exactly what you allow to be taken from you. As I said earlier in this report, there are times when we must weed our garden to allow for new growth. But during that weeding process we must be sure not to cut healthy roots or dig up bulbs waiting for the proper time to be exposed.


Mercury will retrograde in Taurus this month as well. Taurus rules the 2nd house of money and values. This will bring up many issues regarding our financial markets and our individual money situations. As always, caution is called for during this period. But you shouldnÕt be afraid of the retrograde, nor hide away in anticipation. In fact, if used properly this can be a period of great growth and opportunity as long as certain warnings are heeded. With careful planning itÕs quite possible to accomplish things that are difficult to get done while Mercury is direct. The world is slowing down allowing us time to review our lives and look over some things that would normally move too quickly for our examination.


By the way, just to remind you: Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States. This is not an endorsement, nor a political statement, just a prediction.



The New Moon falls on Thursday April 7th at 7:24 A.M. EDT at 18 degrees Aries 04 minutes. The Aries New Moon is all about new beginnings. Every New Moon brings with it the promise of a fresh start, but Aries is so much about new creations and opportunities that each year this is a moment when we can all employ our enthusiasm and look for ways to begin anew and to take our lives in a different direction. This is a time when we should all be seeking innovation and use the ensuing eagerness this lunar aspect offers to further our projects and relationships. The cycles of life are easily recognizable in our studies of the zodiac. New beginnings lead to different stages of development and eventually to the end of the circle and back to another beginning. Aries is the start of the circle, and so astrologers celebrate the first day of spring as the New Year. This being the first New Moon of that new cycle it represents all the hope and faith we can muster that this will be a fresh and resplendent opportunity to eliminate the old and worn out and replace it with a different perspective. We should all look at our lives, projects, relationships and plans with an open mind and heart. If something has outlived its usefulness it should be changed or eradicated. We are like a garden that at times becomes overgrown with weeds stifling new growth. This is a time to remove those weeds and let the light and fresh air in so the young roots can take hold. ItÕs a time of hope and peaceful interaction with our environment, both physical and psychological. Go into this new period with optimism and faith and you can accomplish a great deal.



On Saturday April 9th at 5:27 P.M. EDT this can be an erratic and potentially explosive aspect that demands our attention. There is a strong need to express our individuality and make something happen. The problem is that there are few rules and boundaries when Uranus is activated, so you must pay attention to the moment. If youÕre unable to release the pent up tension this aspect can create it may internalize and could cause pressure that may seep out unconsciously. The best way to handle it is to be aware of any stress you may be feeling and deal with it through direct and conscious action. Any physical activity will help. Exercise or hard work will help. But if there is a health issue involving your heart or circulatory system, especially if this sets off your personal chart, you should be careful not to overdo things. A long walk or other low impact activity would probably be best. Because this is such an erratic and unpredictable energy relationships may be prone to unsets such as arguments. A feisty and fiery attitude often accompanies this transit, so be aware of how youÕre acting towards others. DonÕt take the bait if someone is looking for a fight over unimportant issues. But if something is important enough to defend and worth your efforts you will have the oomph to stand up for your position. Pick and choose your battles carefully. There is an innovative side to this aspect that can be very exciting and adventurous, so try to set aside some time to explore the world and its potential.



On Tuesday April 12th at 5:40 A.M. EDT this creative aspect comes along. This is a good transit for artists, poets etc. There is a connection between the brain and the ethereal level of consciousness that can produce a strong connection to the unconscious. Follow your intuition more than your intellect. You may see things in a bit of a fog, but your underlying instincts are probably more in tune with whatÕs happening. Because this is a sextile it must be used proactively or its effects will not be as powerful. This completes early in the morning, so it will be most effective the night before. If youÕre involved in a creative project, use this energy to move it forward. If relationship issues are in the forefront you might be better able to understand the other personÕs point of view. All aspects wane once they have completed, so the power of this sextile will begin to dissipate by mid-morning. Make the best use of it you can. Because this is closely followed by the Venus trine Mars mentioned below this should be a day of some ease and placidity when most of us can find common ground.



Also on Tuesday April 12th at 3:17 P.M. EDT the male and female planets are in a positive correlation. This is generally a good day for interaction between the sexes, and for our own connections, no matter if it is a romance, friendship, or business partnership. There is a flow in the energy between people that makes it easier to relate. This is a good day to smooth over any rough spots or disagreements that have recently created a rift in an association. This is particularly effect in romantic connections, but all relationships should benefit from this trine. With the Mercury sextile Neptune having just completed we can communicate on a deeper level without interference from the ego. If youÕve been looking for a good time to ask someone out, or to express your feelings, this may be the day to do so. This is followed in a 2 days by the wonderful Mercury trine Jupiter, so there are a few days during which we can say whatÕs on our minds without the usual insecurity or trepidation. In other words, donÕt be afraid to go for it. Even if things donÕt work out as youÕd hoped, you probably wonÕt be brushed off and you may begin a lovely friendship.


This is a creative force as well, and you should find outlets to express any creative juices. Remember, not all of us are poets, writers, or painters. There are any number of creative ventures that make use of our natural talents. Find the ones that best suit you and give that side of your personality room to move.



On Thursday April 14th at 11:27 A.M. EDT we will all be more optimistic and enthusiastic. There is a strong desire to express yourself and your opinions, and you will find that others are open to your ideas and less likely to reject them or find fault. The day or so leading up to this aspect will be good for any important conversation. This morning will be especially communicative, and you should discuss things with others. New ideas and ways of looking at current situations may come out of the most casual of chats. There is a need to increase your awareness, and anything you do that is educational in any sense of the word will be rewarding. Keep your ears open and donÕt be close-minded. You never know when the truth may be spoken. This is also a good time to travel. A short journey will help expand your mind and consciousness. If you begin a longer trip under this aspect it should be very fulfilling and easy.



On Sunday April 17th at 5:21 A.M. EDT this positive but intense transit completes this series of Mercury aspects. This has been a week of powerful mental activity that has been growth oriented and creative. The sextile of Mercury to Neptune, and the trine to Jupiter have given us all a few days when we are more in touch with the collective and our association to it. This aspect to Pluto will continue that connection and now allow us an opportunity to delve more deeply into any issues that have recently come up. Sometimes hidden motivations and agendas will be exposed when Mercury and Pluto come in contact. DonÕt be surprised by secrets that are revealed. Because this is a positive trine it should be easy to make use of this and to direct your thoughts and communications in a receptive way. Others will listen to what you have to say, but remember that they will have their own notion of how things should be. If you are willing to hear them, you will make the most of this aspect.



Also on Sunday April 17th at 8:14 A.M. EDT Mars begins it backward motion until June 29th at 7:38 P.M. EDT. Because of the proximity of our orbit to MarsÕ it only retrogrades once every two years. This motion is considered rather important to astrologers. This is a period when the ego must take a backseat, and our aggressive side will not produce the affects we expect. Throughout history in almost every situation when an armed conflict breaks out while Mars is going backwards the aggressor is ultimately the loser. The same can be expected in personal conflicts as well. YouÕd be better off taking a defensive position and waiting until Mars turns direct again on June 29th before acting in a too assertive or aggressive manner. Mars has little patience, it does rule Aries after all, but when it retrogrades patience is exactly what is needed. Try to find some and use it. You will be glad you did in the long run. There is often a feeling of frustration and irritability that accompanies this transit, especially if Mars is setting off your personal chart. Be aware of it, and if itÕs affecting you, you must find ways of releasing any pent up tension youÕre experiencing. If there are any major battles on the worldÕs stage they may not turn out the way we all thought they would. This is also a time when a number of the dreaded terrorist attacks we all fear are thwarted. We may also see reversals in any aggressive acts being committed. ItÕs very possible that some of the most volatile areas of the world begin to quiet down, at least temporarily.



On Monday April 18th at 3:23 A.M. EDT Pluto will now begin its backward motion. This planet is given modern rulership over Scorpio, although I believe that is and Mars still co-rule Scorpio which controls things held jointly, such as the money in a marriage or business partnership. They also rule trading accounts, such as hedge funds, commodities, and the stock markets (although thatÕs a superficial definition as these issues have multiple interactions with other things in our society and are influenced by a number of planets). We can expect some hitherto hidden financial problems to come to our attention. This may be true in the world markets as well as in our own circumstances. With both going retrograde at the same time we will be concerned about these issues more than usual.


On a personal level many of us may find that we are more concerned about some issues that we thought had been resolved, but in actuality were only pushed underground. Now they may surface and force us to contend with them more directly. Because the retrograde motion of a planet internalizes its power, Pluto will demand that we reach deeply into the unconscious and bring up these hidden agendas so we can view them more honestly and face our deepest fears.



Also on Monday April 18th at 10:38 A.M. EDT this sobering and useful aspect will give us a day or two when reality and stability in relationships and financial matters will be prominent. This is a good time to examine your closest associations and see if they are going in the direction you wish. If not, this trine will allow you to make changes without upsetting the status quo too much. Although this isnÕt a very flamboyant or exciting transit, it has a useful purpose and can help us all identify areas of our relationships that can be made stronger. This is also a good day to set up a budget or make some decisions about your finances.



On Tuesday April 19th at 11:30 A.M. EDT we enter the fixed earth sign. This can be one of the more stubborn of placements, and it may be difficult for some of us to bend as easily as usual. This sign is interested in stabilizing the existing conditions and planning for the future. ItÕs a time to dig in our heels and make sure we know where we are heading. While innovation and imagination are always positive and important to our personal growth, Mercury is also transiting Taurus, so our thoughts and ideas will continue to be reality based and not that interested in new things. Venus will join the Sun and Mercury in this sign on April 29th and add even more of this energy. The next month will be more about shoring up existing plans and efforts and deciding which have the best chance of success. In late May the Sun and Venus will enter Gemini which will make it a better time for originality and experimentation. For now stay the course and make sure your foundation is secure.



Also on Tuesday April 19th at 4:49 P.M. EDT this square will complete, making relationships the center of focus. This aspect will demand that we delve deeply into any associations making sure they are valid and that we truly understand what they are offering. If a relationship isnÕt fulfilling what you need, it may become quite obvious in the few days leading up to this aspect. If there are serious questions about how someone in your life is affecting you, you may have to make a decision as to whether that relationship still has a place in your life or if you should change the connection or end it altogether. Pluto tends to see things in black or white, and as the old song goes: ŅIs you is, or is you ainÕt my babyÓ might be exactly what youÕre asking. Be careful not to get into useless power struggles about love or money. If something is important enough to question, then by all means do so. Just expect that you may very well discover some disturbing things that force you to act. But if something isnÕt really worth the aggravation, donÕt waste your time struggling with decisions that wonÕt have that much of an affect in the long run. The important ones must be examined. The others donÕt. Because of the separating Uranus Š Pluto square Venus will conjunct Uranus in a few days, so you should expect some upsetting events in your close associations. Be prepared.



This monthÕs lunar peak occurs on Friday April 22nd at 1:24 A.M. EDT at 2 degrees Scorpio 31 minutes. This Pluto-ruled sign brings out the undercurrent of all issues. It delves deeply into any subject and wonÕt be satisfied with superficial answers or ideas. This Full Moon demands our respect, and may bring things to the conscious level that have been long hidden. Use caution for a few days. Many of us may be feeling a lot of tension between this Full Moon and the corresponding Venus connections to Pluto and Uranus, especially in relationships. If something has been left unsaid, it may come out now. Be careful what you say and how you say it. Power struggles are common, and itÕs important that we pick and choose our battles and not just run blindly into any disagreement. Because of the intensity Scorpio may produce, you could waste a lot of time and energy fighting for something that just isnÕt worth your time. The positive side of this event is that we will all finally have a chance to clean out any infection or remove the waste from our lives that has been cluttering it. If handled properly, this can be a very productive moment and help prune our garden and allow for new growth and expansion.



Also on Friday April 22nd at 5:00 P.M. EDT sudden mood swings, events, and reactions may take place. For a few days leading up to this you should be careful how you respond to those around you. Because this coincides with the Full Moon mentioned above, this could be a few days of intense interaction with others and some powerful and unexpected situations. ItÕs difficult to stay focused while Uranus is activated. Meditation, exercise, or any form of centering will help, but mostly itÕs a matter of being aware of how youÕre feeling and not blindly entering into circumstances, especially with your usual group of people. Patience will be in short supply, so anything that can give you a good perspective and help keep your interest will be positive. This is a day to explore and experiment. You will probably find it easier to deal with anything new than the status quo. Take in any new creative or artistic ventures. DonÕt follow your usual routine, get out and see what the world has to offer. If you usually listen to classical music, perhaps you should try jazz for a change. If you like rom-com movies, go see the newest super hero flick. The same is true about your interactions with others. Rather than hanging out with the usual crowd it may be a good idea to seek new people, ideas, and experiences. DonÕt expect new friendships to be very stable, and give them some time to prove themselves before committing too much. But maybe you just need a good shaking up and some excitement.



On Thursday April 28th at 1:20 P.M. EDT this thrice yearly event takes place. The world is slowing down giving us a chance to catch up on some things. If you use this time properly it can offer you an opportunity that can be used to your advantage. Because of the slowing down process that accompanies this transit, we will have the chance to express things in a more complete manner and to present our ideas to people who may not usually have the time to hear them. I have always found that the retrograde Mercury periods are very constructive if we alter our perception and expectations. Things may get lost in the mail, misunderstood, or difficult to put in play. But if you take the extra time to present them you may be able to get someoneÕs attention.


As always the advice is to use caution, double check your plans, and avoid certain things, such as signing important documents or committing to something that youÕre not sure about. This is not a good time for completions or committing to a final contract. But it is a good time for discussions and sifting through any paperwork to find mistakes or do rewrites. Many times I have been able to get someone who is normally too busy, to read one of my manuscripts or discuss a project. All issues involving travel and communication will be muddied. This is not a good time to buy a new computer, car, airplane or cell phone. However, many of us may have difficulty with these devises, and have to cope with the aftermath, which sometimes requires such a purchase. If you must buy a new phone now, take the insurance and prepare yourself for any problems it might create. Back up all of your important papers and make check batteries, etc.



On Friday April 29th at 8:36 P.M. EDT until May 24th Venus enters one of the two signs it rules. This placement is very good for relationships. If you begin a new connection now it will tend to be more constant and long-term. People look for stability from Taurus, and with Venus here relationships will be based on that concept. This earth sign is very loving, sensual and faithful and people will be apt to express that. Financial matters usually work out well unless there are other factors in play. The stock markets may stabilize for a short while, although they are still going to be quite volatile for some time. This is often a time when cotton futures rise considerably.



On Sunday May 1st at 8:01 A.M. EDT this minor aspect will complete. This is a subtle energy that many of us may not recognize while itÕs in play. It isnÕt as active or direct as some of the more explosive transits weÕre experiencing this month, but there will be an underlying feeling of compassion and a desire to help others. This is a creative energy as well, and any artistic venture will be aided now. Because we are experiencing the remnants of the Jupiter Š Neptune opposition, the Sun is setting off both planets in short order. This part is about the ethereal side of life and the desire to improve humanityÕs lot. ThereÕs only so much we can do as individuals or even through the collective, but it is a time to open our consciousness to the bigger picture and recognize areas where help is needed. Anything you can do in a charitable way to make things better will help you even more than the recipient.



On Tuesday May 3rd at 3:58 A.M. EDT this very optimistic aspect will bring us a few days of hope and enthusiasm. This is a time to give freely and open your heart to those around you. Just be aware that itÕs easy to overdo things or make promises that are difficult to keep. DonÕt take on too much or give away more than you can afford. If you keep a good perspective this will be a very positive and generous time. This is a very outgoing and sociable transit, and the night before will be a good time for a party, date, or other get together. Travel is also favored, even a short trip will help expand your consciousness. This is a good time for anything educational. If youÕve been anxious to start studying a new subject, now would be a good time to do so, especially if this sets off your chart. Remember, these transits are occurring in the sky, so they offer us all an opportunity to make use of them. But they are much more effective if they hit your personal chart just so.



The next New Moon falls on Friday May 6th at 3:29 P.M. EDT at 16 degrees Taurus 41 minutes. The day or two leading up to it will be a particularly low energy period. If you tend to be emotional this may be a very trying time each month. I have found that people with prominent moons or a Cancer Sun, Moon or ascendant respond to the lunar cycles more intensely than others. Spend this time finishing up anything that is incomplete, donÕt try to initiate new projects on a waning moon, it just wonÕt work out. Once the New Moon hits you begin new projects or attempt a new approach to an existing problem. If you have been living in a situation or involved in a relationship that is intolerable or has outlived its usefulness this would be the proper time to move on with your life. If you have been working on a project that is almost complete but you seem to lack the energy for the finality, you must push during these low energy days to end the matter once and for all. If you donÕt, when the New Moon arrives it will bring this ŅdeadÓ energy along with it and conflict with the newer force being presented. Each month we are offered a chance to clean house, so to speak.

Note: All aspects are most powerful and effective as they apply. Once the transit has completed, its force is lessened. The further it separates the weaker it becomes. 


Below is a list of times this month when the Moon is Void of Course and neither important decisions nor purchases should be made during these periods. The Void of Course Moon is a time when we should try to center ourselves and deal with spiritual matters not materialistic ones. Any decisions made on the VC Moon will not turn out the way we had expected.

The Moon is Void of Course from the time it makes its last major aspect in a sign until it enters the next sign. For example, if the Moon squares Mars at 27 degrees Aries and then has no more aspects until it enters Taurus it will be Void of Course for three degrees or about 6 hours. The aspects used are the conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition. All times are Eastern Standard Time:


Please note: In response to requests from a few readers I have added a few VOC Moons into the next lunar cycle for those who need to make plans before my next newsletter is released.


April 7th 10:56 A.M. Š April 8th 2:10 A.M. ***Moon is void 15 hours

April 9th 5:49 A.M. Š April 10th 1:59 A.M. ***Moon is void 20 hours

April 11th 2:57 P.M. Š April 12th 4:07 A.M. ***Moon is void 12 hours

April 13th 11:59 P.M. Š April 14th 9:53 A.M. ***Moon is void all night

April 16th 1:48 P.M. Š 7:23 P.M.

April 18th 8:29 A.M. Š April 19th 7:24 A.M. ***Moon is void 24 hours

April 21st 2:13 A.M. Š 8:17 P.M. ***Moon is void 18 hours

April 23rd 5:46 P.M. Š April 24th 8:46 AM. ***Moon is void 15 hours

April 26th 11:51 A.M. Š 7:54 .M. ***Moon is void 24 hours

April 29th 3:07 A.M. Š 4:47 A.M.

April 30th 10:56 P.M. Š May 1st 10:33 A.M. ***Moon is void 12 hours

May 3rd 1:08 A.M. Š 1:04 P.M. ***Moon is void 12 hours

May 5th 12:17 A.M. Š 1:10 P.M. ***Moon is void 12 hours

May 6th 10:10 P.M. Š May 7th 12:34 P.M. ***Moon is void 14 hours

May 9th 12:15 A.M. Š 1:24 P.M. ***Moon is void 12 hours

May 11th 3:34 A.M. Š 5:32 P.M. ***Moon is void 14 hours




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