ISSUE # 190



April 2015 



As IÕve been saying for months in this newsletter, Saturn transiting through Sagittarius is historically a bearish signal for the stock markets. Since Saturn entered Sagittarius last December the stocks have been sliding down and continue to show weakness. As the square of Saturn to Neptune applies into the fall, we may see a very sharp decline in the equity markets. Saturn has just retrograded and will begin to pull away from that square, so there may be a turn around or sideways motion to the markets through the summer. But I donÕt expect anything resembling a bull market for some time. I donÕt believe there is a crash coming soon, just a sideways bear market.


If there is one place that a serious economic rebalancing could happen, itÕs in China. The Chinese donÕt play by the same rules as most nations. They manipulate their currency with little transparency to improve their export business and to create wealth were there is no real growth. I believe the entire economy of China is a bubble waiting to burst, especially in their housing development. In fact, housing will be the focus of attention this coming year worldwide.


The square of Saturn to Neptune will test the results of the housing collapse that occurred in America in 2007 when Saturn was in opposition to Neptune. If the housing market is actually making a recovery (not just in certain areas like Boston and NYC) then we will pass that test. But if there are underlying problems, they will come out and be obvious. What bothers me the most right now isnÕt the American housing market, but the Chinese housing bubble that has been misused to create an artificial sense of growth and stability. As IÕve mentioned in past issues, there are entire cities being built in China with no people moving into them. The debt on those construction sites is enormous. The Chinese government is in the process of bailing out several construction companies who are on the verge of collapse. Saturn rules the housing markets, and with that Neptune square approaching a lot depends on how much the world has invested into the Chinese bubble. Are we about to see another implosion similar to 2007 when entire nations were reeling from the effects of that bubble popping? Or will we just see a downturn in international finances that can be absorbed more easily than last time, when Iceland, Ireland, and several other nations were on the brink of bankruptcy?


Many people have lately expressed a sense of malaise that seems to hang over us, like a dark cloud before a storm. Certainly the harsh winter most of us experienced has something to do with that, but there are astrological configurations that are adding to the overwhelming sensation. For one thing we have just completed the last square of Uranus and Pluto. This difficult and intense energy has been with us for the past four years, ever since these two planets began their dance macabre in 2011. By the time the first square completed in June 2012 we were seeing an increase in terrorist attacks as we approached the Grand Cross, which completed in April 2014. The results of this square can be seen everywhere. The situation in Ukraine and Crimea is one. That situation isnÕt defusing so much as slipping into stagnation. Putin has proven himself to be what we feared, a backward thinking thug with little regard for the Ònew world orderÓ the West has deemed the future. The Grand Cross was at 13 degrees cardinal, exactly on PutinÕs Sun. This gave him a sense of empowerment and entitlement that allowed him to invade Crimea and eastern Ukraine. When Uranus and Pluto begin to hit PutinÕs Saturn there will be a reckoning that I believe will result in his removal from power. Whether IÕm right or not, we will see some major changes in that situation over the next two years. As IÕve said many times, it is the price of oil that fuels (no pun intended) the political situation in that part of the world. When oil goes below $80 a barrel Russia goes broke. ItÕs now trading around $45. You do the math. The precipitous drop in oil prices is a result of Uranus (sudden reversals) in square to Pluto (ruler of oil).


I believe we are seeing the beginning of the end of fossil fuels as the main source of energy in the world. The recent plunge in oil prices is a result of the Pluto (ruler of oil) in square to Uranus (sudden reversals and unexpected events). The price will rise and fall radically through the coming years. But that drop in prices is a harbinger of things to come. It wonÕt happen overnight, but within a generation, oil, coal, and gas will be used primarily in the 3rd world nations, and less and less in Europe, China, and the U.S. Because of the tremendous power and wealth of the oil producers and their hand-puppet politicians, it will take much longer than is needed for this to occur. But there is little doubt that we have turned a corner and are heading towards alternative energy sources. China is the biggest maker of solar panels in the world. Germany is using solar, wind, and geo-thermal energy more and more. Other nations are watching carefully to see whatÕs possible. Is it too late to fix the environment? Only time will tell. But I hope not. This is a lovely planet with beautiful beaches and wonderful animals to watch and play with. I would hate to have to schlep to another galaxy so humankind can continue its self-destructive ways when we have all the resources we need to create a peaceful and balanced society right here.


ISIS was born out of the furor of this Uranus-Pluto square, and the Grand Cross of April 2014, which gave it a jumpstart and an explosive period of growth. As this Uranus-Pluto square completes we are seeing more coalitions being formed through the region to combat this threat, often involving historical enemies joining forces to prevent what has quickly become a major hazard to world peace. These coalitions will not last terribly long, but they will have the desired effect of depleting the Islamic StateÕs fighting force. But thatÕs only a part of the problem. There will be splinter groups created with an insidious agenda to disrupt our culture. What needs to be addressed besides the military threat is the philosophical concepts and ideas that gave birth to this brutal group, and to understand the causes of its appeal to young people. Now that this square is completing there is a chance some of that may occur.


Because the New Moons have been at the very last degree of each sign for several months, many of us have been experiencing feelings of incompletion in our projects. ItÕs as though the things you begin donÕt seem to have enough energy to go the distance. Where a New Moon falls by sign, degree, and aspects will determine the energy of that lunar cycle. This is the last New Moon at that 29 degree, so hopefully in April when the New Moon is at 28 degrees there will be a more sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.



The New Moon falls on Friday March 20th at 5:36 A.M. EDT at 29 degrees Pisces 27 minutes and itÕs a solar eclipse. As I said above, because the New Moons have been at the very last degree of each sign for several months, many of us have been experiencing feelings of incompletion in our projects. Many people have expressed a feeling of lethargy and tiredness. There isnÕt the usual excitement that often accompanies a new lunar cycle, but rather a lack of enthusiasm and hope. This New Moon is in Pisces, the last sign, and the combination of being in the last sign at the last degree should make this one more difficult month before a new spring that will come in April. This is a Solar Eclipse as well, which may add even more to that sense of a completion that has been delayed for months. DonÕt be concerned if things still appear to be delayed or frustrating. We are close to the end of this very difficult period, and things should be a lot brighter and more optimistic soon. When we have a Solar Eclipse, the lunar cycle lacks focus and direction. Many issues will feel unfulfilled or misdirected, so donÕt expect to accomplish everything you set out to do this month. The eclipses are important moments that test the way we are going about doing things. Because this one is at the very last degree of the zodiac itÕs energy will be about endings and rerouting our power. This may be a frustrating month for many of us, and some things that we hoped for donÕt come to pass. But there is purpose to this aspect that will become obvious in another month or so as we see the mistakes we avoided by taking a different path.



On Sunday March 22nd at 4:25 P.M. EDT there will be a desire to delve deeply into any conversation or idea. This is a positive sextile, so it should be easier to reach the depth of understanding Pluto demands. But if we donÕt use this proactively it will not push itself onto the individual as a square or opposition would. This is a good day to be honest and direct in all communications.



On Wednesday March 25th at 3:25 P.M. EDT this very positive trine completes. The day or two leading up to this aspect will allow us all to focus on the most important issues we are facing. This is a time to deal with obligations and responsibilities. It will be easier to do so now than when the Sun is in square to Saturn in May. Get your financial matters in order, clean up any unfinished business, and start making plans for the future.



On Friday March 27th at 10:11 P.M. EDT this pleasant square comes along. There is a tendency towards overindulgences, and itÕs important to keep an eye on your money and your diet. But if you do so, this will be a very nice day when you will enjoy the creature comforts. Anything creative or sociable will be very rewarding as well. Take in a movie, concert, or plan a dinner with close people. Just be careful not to drink or eat too much.



On Monday March 30th at 9:44 P.M. EDT we will all begin to think and speak with a bit more force. This is a time to initiate ideas and conversations. DonÕt be afraid to say whatÕs on your mind; just be aware of how you are saying it. Often attitude is more important than content, so try to add a gentle tone, if possible. Sometimes people donÕt hear what you say as much as how you say it.



On Tuesday March 31st at 12:27 P.M. EDT Mars enters this fixed Venus-ruled earth sign. Mars doesnÕt do that well in the Venus signs, and there can be a feeling of aggressiveness in personal relationships. Try to keep that in mind and donÕt overdo the assertive bit. But Mars likes to get things done, and Taurus is all about building and accruing. If used properly this can be a very productive time when we can accomplish a great deal and still have enough energy left for personal issues.



On Thursday April 2nd at 8:21 A.M. EDT this positive aspect will allow us to concentrate our mental energy where it can do the most good. This is a realistic and focused transit that is quite useful and has little regard for frivolous ideas or for wasting time. Get things done today. Clean up your paperwork and aim your plans towards a fulfilling future. This is a good time for any important conversation.



This monthÕs lunar peak occurs on Saturday April 4th at 8:05 A.M. EDT at 14 degrees Libra 24 minutes and itÕs a Lunar Eclipse. Libra energy is all about relationships and how we deal with each other. Many couples will experience a reflection in their relationship, and some will end. While solar eclipses are about beginnings, Lunar Eclipses often denote the conclusion of something that has outlived its usefulness. But it will only affect those situations that are no longer valid in our lives. DonÕt be afraid of change. ItÕs the only way we can continue to move along our path and grow. This lunar eclipse is very close to the point where the Grand Cross occurred last April, and as such we will see the unveiling of issues that were begun or expanded at that time. This includes Ukraine, Isis, and our financial markets. Over the next few months we will see some of these issues come to a conclusion, or take a completely different road.



On Sunday April 5th at 11:05 A.M. EDT this intense transit completes. Be careful today and the night before. Try to avoid any unnecessary fights or disputes. It can be difficult to pull back or redirect any arguments that occur. There is a compulsive and obsessive side to Pluto that makes it hard to change direction once something has begun. However, what is really happening is that in the undercurrent we are all seeking serious change in our attitudes and assumptions. Dig deeply into your unconscious, and look at things in an honest and open manner. But be careful of animosity or violent situations involving others.



On Monday April 6th at 9:26 A.M. EDT we will all feel optimistic and outgoing. This completes early in the day, so maybe a breakfast meeting or phone call is in order. If youÕve been having a difficult time with someone, this may be a good day to smooth things over. Communications of all sorts will be numerous, and most of us will be quite busy absorbing information and staying on top of things. This aspect favors all travel, so if you can get away even for a few hours, you will find the trip expands your consciousness and may bring you some new ideas. Because this coincides with the Sun conjunct Uranus mentioned below, itÕs most important that you use caution and pay attention to what youÕre doing. The conjunct can be accident-prone or so distracting that you make mistakes.



Also on Monday April 6th at 10:08 A.M. EDT this powerful and upsetting transit will complete. Expect the unexpected, and try your best to focus on the here and now. This conjunct can be distracting, as I mentioned above, and accidents, arguments, or other upsetting event s are quite common. Avoid any disagreements that you can. There will be a better time to clear the air under more positive and less disruptive aspects. This is often a very volatile day for the equity markets, usually to the downside.



On Tuesday April 7th at 8:05 P.M. EDT many people will be looking for a fight. Because this comes on the heels of the Sun conjunct Uranus, we should all use caution and discretion for a few days. This is followed by Mercury conjunct Uranus mentioned below, so this upsetting energy will continue for another day. Be careful while traveling, and donÕt get caught up in foolish or ego-oriented disputes. They wonÕt help you, and they can lead to serious disagreements whose effect may linger for some time.



On Wednesday April 8th at 8:20 A.M. EDT this very disruptive aspect will complete the volatile energy weÕve been feeling this week. You must be careful of how you communicate. Any reason to misunderstand or disagree will lead to explosive and untenable fights. Caution is certainly called for, especially while traveling. Even taking a walk may prove disruptive. Pay strict attention to what youÕre doing, and how you speak to others.



Also on Wednesday April 8th at 12:58 P.M. EDT Jupiter finally begins its forward motion. Many things that have been delayed will begin to move ahead in the days and weeks to come. Anything that requires an expansive attitude will be easier to maintain. If youÕve been planning a business or personal increase and have found it difficult to get it started, this reversal should aid you in your quest. Travel plans will be easier to make, so go ahead and book that flight to Aruba. In general our sense of growth, optimism, and risk-taking will be amplified. While Jupiter was in retrograde we did most of our growing on the inside in terms of our self-image, attitude, and philosophy. Now we are beginning a period of worldly expansion when we can take that inner sense of growth and project it out into the world.



On Saturday April 11th at 11:29 A.M. EDT romance will take on a more intellectual feel. If you wish to reach someone on a romantic level, do it through your communications. YouÕll be surprised how well some people will respond to talking things through. There is a fickle attitude with this placement, so donÕt be surprised by changing attitudes and quick reversals of feelings. But if youÕre direct and focused you can reach another through your thoughts more readily than through your actions.



On Tuesday April 14th at 6:52 P.M. EST our thoughts and ideas will begin to slow down a bit after MercuryÕs travels through aggressive Aries. This is a time to think things through on a careful and meticulous level and not to rush to judgment. Taurus wants a solid foundation. It is the fixed earth sign, after all, and doesnÕt do things in a quick or frivolous manner. Take your time and make sure you know what youÕre saying and thinking. It may be frustrating at times, especially to those of you with a fire sign or mutable Mercury. But use the energy of the universe to your advantage and you will stay balanced and stable.



On Wednesday April 15th at 12:25 A.M. EDT we reach a point where relationships will be scrutinized and judged for their stability. Those that are solid and balanced will do quite well now. But those that are unstable or donÕt have real staying power may be changed or even ended. Because this occurs early in the morning, you may not sense its energy consciously. But things will change anyway, and decisions will be made based on the results of the testing that occurs under SaturnÕs influence.



On Thursday April 16th at 11:51 P.M. EDT Pluto begins its backward motion. Be careful not to hold in your anger or frustration while this is retrograde. ItÕs easy to get caught up in your inner strife and become compulsive or obsessed with your own issues. The problem is that you arenÕt going to get the feedback you need from the outside world, which can result in being stuck in too a small circle of ideas and possibilities. If youÕre able to get deep into your inner conversation you can use this period to examine your attitudes and self-image and make some intense and important changes in how you see your place in the collective. But you must keep an open mind and not allow yourself to fall into a rut. During this period the society must keep vigil against deep-rooted animosity and vengeance. Because Pluto rules hidden agendas and anger, this is a time when terrorism may be particularly potent.



On Friday April 17th at 8:29 P.M. EDT egos will run wild. This is a day or so when boundaries and limitations have little meaning. Try to keep things in perspective and donÕt get into useless disputes. ItÕs that ego talking, not your intellect. This square usually creates an atmosphere of high energy and aggression, and there will be plenty of that, but because it falls on the Dark of the Moon this may be tempered and the energy level will fluctuate quite a bit. You may not have the oomph to follow through once youÕve started something, and your assertive efforts may be daunted, so choose your actions carefully. Use this force to get things done and to assert your ideas. But donÕt expect to have endless power.



The next New Moon falls on Saturday April 18th at 2:57 P.M. EST at 28 degrees Aries 25 minutes. The day or two leading up to it will be a particularly low energy period. If you tend to be emotional this may be a very trying time each month. I have found that people with prominent moons or a Cancer Sun, Moon or ascendant respond to the cycles of the moon more intensely than others. Spend this time finishing up anything that is incomplete, donÕt try to initiate new projects on a waning moon, it just wonÕt work out. Once the New Moon hits you begin new projects or attempt a new approach to an existing problem. If you have been living in a situation or involved in a relationship that is intolerable or has outlived its usefulness this would be the proper time to move on with your life. If you have been working on a project that is almost complete but you seem to lack the energy for the finality, you must push during these low energy days to end the matter once and for all. If you donÕt, when the New Moon arrives it will bring this ÒdeadÓ energy along with it and conflict with the newer force being presented. Each month we are offered a chance to clean house, so to speak.

Note: All aspects are most powerful and effective as they apply. Once the transit has completed, its force is lessened. The further it separates the weaker it becomes. 

Below is a list of times this month when the Moon is Void of Course and neither important decisions nor purchases should be made during these periods. The Void of Course Moon is a time when we should try to center ourselves and deal with spiritual matters not materialistic ones. Any decisions made on the VC Moon will not turn out the way we had expected.


The Moon is Void of Course from the time it makes its last major aspect in a sign until it enters the next sign. For example, if the Moon squares Mars at 27 degrees Aries and then has no more aspects until it enters Taurus it will be Void of Course for three degrees or about 6 hours. The aspects used are the conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition. All times are Eastern Standard Time:


Please note: In response to requests from a few readers I have added a few VOC Moons into the next lunar cycle for those who need to make plans before my next newsletter is released.


March 26th 8:35 A.M. – 3:45 P.M.

March 28th 9:58 P.M. – March 29th 1:48 A.M.

March 30th 9:57 A.M. – March 31st 2:12 P.M. ***Moon is void 24 hours

April 2nd 5:01 A.M. – April 3rd 3:07 A.M. ***Moon is void 24 hours

April 4th 11:58 A.M. – March 5th 3:04 P.M. ***Moon is void 24 hours

April 7th 4:42 P.M. – April 8th 1:06 A.M.

April 9th 1:42 P.M. – April 10th 8:47 A.M.

April 12th 4:15 A.M. – 1:44 P.M.

April 14th 3:45 P.M. – 4:12 P.M.

April 15th 5:37 P.M. – April 16th 5:00 P.M. ***Moon is void 24 hours


Due to popular request I have included below several VOC moons in the next lunar cycle:


April 18th 2:57 P.M. – 5:31 P.M.

April 19th 7:06 P.M. – April 20th 7:28 P.M. *** Moon is void 24 hours

April 22nd 1:38 A.M. – April 23rd 12:25 A.M. ***Moon is void 24 hours



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