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Now that Mercury has gone direct we can expect things to move quickly and for some secrets and hidden agendas to be revealed. Be careful for a few days as this mischievous little devil screws things up whenever it changes direction. Verbal and physical accidents will abound. Watch the road and your mouth. Either can lead you into a ditch.


This month will see the first pass of Saturn square Pluto completing on January 31st. This is a strong and complex combination that virtually guarantees some stress, limitations and frustrations in the world. How it hits your chart will decide how influential it is and in what areas of your life. As I said in past newsletters, this will be a period of sideways movement in the markets at best. This has been a period of limited growth and advancement. Pluto rules all trading markets, and Saturn is the planet of restrictions, so you can expect a limited growth until the end of next summer.


Once this completes for the first time on January 31st there may be some release for a few months, but the aspect is coming back. It will complete for the last time on August 21st 2010, when Uranus, Jupiter and Mars are also in play, which will complicate this energy even more. Those of you who are regular readers know that I have been looking at next July and August for some time now, and believe that we are heading towards a rather difficult and potentially explosive summer.


Note: Saturn was in opposition to Pluto in 2001. It completed on August 5th 2001, and 9/11 occurred about 5 weeks later. Exactitude in the outer planet aspects is not required for an event. It is always the inner, quicker moving planets that help manifest the energy in physical ways.


All of these transits will hit AmericaÕs Venus and Jupiter over the coming two years. This Saturn – Pluto square will cross those planets many times, the first being this month. I will be lecturing about this time in the spring, and will send out announcements for any who wish to come.


This horrendous earthquake in Haiti is most likely only the first of many such events we can expect over the coming 18 months. Saturn rules stability and all things associated. As such, it obviously rules the earth itself. With Uranus in opposition and Pluto in square to Saturn, there will be any number of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and other earth-shaking events. This is a time to discover your faith. The Jupiter – Neptune conjunction has been preparing the world for JupiterÕs entrance into Pisces (ruled by Neptune). There could be an increase (Jupiter) in water-related issues (Pisces), especially involving rivers and streams. They are two of the active aspects in the current health-care debates as well (Pisces & Neptune rule the health industry and medicine in general) and any ultimate reforms that may come about are a direct result of JupiterÕs influence in this sign and on its ruler.


Saturn opposite Uranus is the other active aspect, and one of its primary functions historically seems to be the redistribution of wealth in the world. This health care issue is nothing, if not an attempt to tip a little of the water into an almost empty cup.


Another frequent manifestation of Saturn opposite Uranus is open conflict on a major scale. This Saturn – Uranus opposition was in effect during the First World War, the Second World War and the Vietnam War. So, does Afghanistan fulfill this aspectÕs requirements, or are we heading towards a larger conflict? What is most likely is that this ŅWar on TerrorÓ will escalate and there will be some horrible events occurring soon. They will change our world even more, and push us towards a totalitarian and repressive government. Be careful people, safety itself can come at too high a price.


America is a mess. This country is broken half a dozen ways. Besides the obvious financial quagmire, which is nowhere near being fixed and will continue for years to come, we have become a nation of liars and cheats. It seems as though everything in this country is a scam; from the bait and switch in the supermarkets (ŌOh no, my dear, the corn underneath the sale sign isnÕt the one thatÕs on sale, itÕs that corn all the way down the last aisle. You should have read the sign more carefullyÕ), to the Supreme Court. Banks, which have always been one of my favorite institutions, have stopped even trying to pretend. They just take what they want from you. Whatever the feds do to punish the banks for their past indiscretions, in this system, who do you think will ultimately pay the price? All those who believe it is the consumer, please give yourself one gold star.


State lotteries are nothing more than legalized theft; the worst kind of con game there is, offering hope to those who need it the most, and producing heartache over and over again. Politicians are so corrupt itÕs a question of which party you want to get screwed by. City governments are bought and run by the rich. State governments are run by crooks. And the federal government is run by old men with worn out ideas, whose continued employment (apologies to Senator Dodd) is guaranteed through a seedy sub-government and questionable elections. In short, we have become a third world country ruled by a junta of the very rich who will do anything to stay in power. The money is so great and the promises so massive it must be very difficult not to be seduced by the power elite, no matter what your ideals were when you enter politics. How tempting it must be to watch Bill Clinton earn hundreds of millions of dollars being, well, Bill Clinton. I would imagine anyone would like a small piece of that, once they left office (no matter what office it is.)


Then there are the politicians who donÕt need the money. They are tempted more by history and their own sense of greatness which they feel must be shared with the world.

The William J. LePetomane baseball stadium for the insane sportÕs fan.


I have said it before, and I will most likely say it yet again sometime. Capitalism, as we practice it now, will be the destruction of humanity. It is a failed and flawed economic system that rewards chicanery and underhanded deals. It is the most short-sighted concept in our society. Show a profit for now and who cares about tomorrow?


We get hysterical over a few gallons of water that may or may not exist on the moon, but weÕre more than willing to risk the entire water supply of New York City and downstate if there might be some profit to be made in the short term by drilling for gas. We all see the rapidly shrinking old growth forests that hold, not only much of our oxygen supply, but our history as well. We came from the forests. They nurtured our evolutionary development, fed us and protected us, and now we destroy them to grow more soybeans that may produce a profit – for the short term.


Look at what is happening in New York City, where an out of control billionaire mayor has decided what the city should look like and nobody has the power or the balls to stand up and say ŅThis is wrong! You are flushing this city down the toilet for the immediate profit of a handful of elitist landlords.Ó 


Harpo Marx often wore a large coat from which he would produce various items, including a hot cup of coffee, or a set of silverware (including coffee pot). But even he didnÕt have room for the judges, council-people, state senators and various other player that sit comfortably in Mike BloombergÕs pocket. There is a war going on in this city, at the moment being fought vigorously in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, which is being raped and destroyed in favor of expansion and the consolidation of power, mostly to a few landlord families. The administration has a big plan, and woe unto any who stand in its way. Any judge who would allow the 91st Street Marine garbage dump to be placed in this pristine, residential neighborhood has obviously never stepped foot on York Avenue in his life, and was told how to decide on this issue by unknown individuals. ItÕs all a scam. Your vote is worthless in our modern America. Twice the people of New York voted for term limits, something Mr. Bloomberg backed feverishly, until he was elected mayor and his time was running out. Your home is your castle, until one of the mayorÕs friends wants to build something where you live. Your security exists until the very moment that you get in the way of some rich and powerful entity. In 2005 our wonderful and always insightful present Supreme Court decided in favor of using eminent domain in New London forcing dozens of residents to move. The deal, a travesty to begin with, became a fiasco when Pfizer decided not to build their plant there and pulled out. Of course, the homes have already been razed, and the lives they represented irreversibly altered.


The court of appeals in New York recently made the decision that the new owner of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village had illegally de-stabilized thousands of apartments. This decision may affect thousand more apartments that have also been illegally de-stabilized. Tishman Speyer has been ordered to repay the tenants and to put these apartments back into the stabilization system. Before it was sold to Tishman Speyer, the residents had literally begged Mr. Bloomberg to allow them to find funding and purchase the property themselves. It was built by MetLife as a refuge for the working middle class to begin with. But Bloomberg sided with the Tishman family and denied the residents any help or further time to raise the money. This court decision is the first glimpse of hope the middle class has had in New York in 8 years. It is a small victory, but one I applaud loudly. I donÕt doubt for one moment that there are behind the scenes deals being made to try and squash this court verdict and any further pro-tenant decisions.


I write about New York City quite a bit, because it is near to my heart and because it is a microcosm of our nation. It is being irreversibly changed into a gated community where more apartments, especially in Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, will be owned by investors living elsewhere than by families and working people trying to make a life. It is becoming more difficult to live here everyday. Our class struggle in this city is the struggle of all Americans in this brave new world. There has never been so much wealth as exists now in the world, and there is no reason why it canÕt be shared in an equitable and sane way.


Oh well, dreams, and a lot of salt water, are what we are mostly made of anyway.



The New Moon falls on Friday January 15th at 2:11 A.M. EST at 25 degree Capricorn 01 minutes. Each New Moon sets the general feeling and attitude for that coming month. The first 2 ½ weeks will be influenced by the placement of the Moon by sign and surrounding aspects as the energy builds to a peak. At the Full Moon the energy begins to wane, and the force of that Full Moon and the signs it is in will have an additional effect and exert its influence. This month the New Moon is in Capricorn, and the issues of this Saturn-ruled sign will be most pressing. This is a time to consolidate your resources and your energy. Because Saturn will be in square to Pluto this month, the Saturn ruled New Moon will certainly display some of that energy. Mercury goes direct only hours after the New Moon, so there will be a race to catch up on our obligations, responsibilities and pressing matters. DonÕt be frivolous this month with your money, time and other commodities and you will be pleased with the results of your efforts.



Also on Friday January 15th at 11:52 A.M. EST the mischievous little devil turns around and things will be a mess for a day or so. Because this is coming on the heels of the New Moon, our desire to get things done and move projects forward could overwhelm some of us. Mistakes are quite common as Mercury changes direction, and the need to catch up could create a nervous and impulsive air. Secrets are often uncovered while the planet is in retrograde, and as it begins its forward motion, those secrets are frequently made public. Keep your ears open and your mouth shut for the new few days and you may pick up some very useful information. Because Mercury is in Capricorn now, it will add to the overall Saturnine feeling of this New Moon.



On Sunday January 17th at 9:11 P.M. EST the largest planet enters the sign of its ancient rulership. Until Neptune was discovered, this planet was given domain over Pisces, and there are similarities between the two energies. Jupiter rules higher education, religion and philosophy, and Pisces rules faith. One can certainly have faith without religion, and most definitely religion without faith. But often they are a combined effort. With Jupiter in Pisces we can expect some interesting reactions from the collective. There will be a momentary surge in religious belief and activity. This may bode well for the religious right and the coming mid-term elections. Historically, this has not proven to be a particularly good placement for the stock markets.



On Monday January 18th at 9:35 P.M. EST Venus enters the most erratic of signs. For those interested in the markets, Venus rules our relationship with several things. In many years of trading and studying the commodities, I found that as Venus transits the various signs, it affects the agricultural markets, and particularly the cotton market. With the deep freeze down south, you can be sure that several markets will be very erratic, and the volatility should explode. Common sense will have little to do with the way the markets move. They will be emotionally driven and only for the strong of heart. Matters of romance and finances will also be erratic, and you should be careful not to open your heart or your wallet to strangers.



On Tuesday January 19th at 11:26 P.M. EST we enter the fixed part of winter. This is when the wind really go sweeping up your skirt and nature reminds us just who is in charge. (At least until they put a bubble on top of Manhattan.) This is a time to allow your higher mind some freedom. Because many of us are locked in, due to increment weather, there will be a lot of pent up energy. Direct it into intellectual pursuits and you may come up with some really remarkable ideas. 



On Friday January 22nd at 1:07 A.M. EST a more realistic attitude towards love and money will be predominant. This is a good day to go shopping. You will be better able to stay within a budget, and your choices will be practical. Love will also be sensible, and a date will be honest and informative.



On Sunday January 24th at 10:37 A.M. EST that realistic attitude will prevail over most things. This is a very positive and useful aspect, although not usually an exciting one. This is a time to focus on the important issues in life and not waste time or energy. ItÕs a good day for any detail oriented work.



On Wednesday January 27th at 12:29 A.M. EST men and women may not see things eye to eye (thereÕs a stretch). This could be a tough day for communications between the sexes, but there will certainly be an attraction. Oppositions can go either way. They demand interaction, but itÕs up to the individuals if they wish it to be combative or not. If you are direct and honest it will be easier to avoid misunderstandings. But you will still have to deal with the content of the communication.



On Friday January 29th at 2:43 P.M. EST this angry and aggressive aspect completes. Do be careful! This is the ego and the will at odds, and everyone will be a bit touchy. If this sets off your chart you could be accident prone or just walk into an argument. Try to avoid confrontations. Anything you wish to say can wait a few days. This is preceding a Cancer Full Moon, and emotions are certainly heightened. Why add fuel to the fire?



This monthÕs lunar peak occurs on Saturday January 30th at 1:18 A.M. EST at 10 degrees Leo 15 minutes. All Full Moons demand respect and attention. Because this comes so close to the Saturn – Pluto square I certainly think caution is called for. There is a lot of stress in the air, and people may overreact and respond intensely. But with a little care this can be an exciting few days. Leo rules the 5th house of children, entertainment and romance. Let the child within come out a little. But please donÕt let him run out into traffic. It is still a Full Moon, after all.

Leo rules the stage, and I wouldnÕt be surprised by a showy, mid-winter Leo snow storm. (I hope IÕm wrong, mind you.)



On Sunday January 31st at 5:07 P.M. EST the first pass of this powerful aspect completes. Saturn was in opposition to Pluto in 2001. It completed on August 5th 2001, and 9/11 occurred about 5 weeks later. Exactitude in the outer planet aspects is not required for an event. It is always the inner, quicker moving planets that help manifest the energy in physical ways.

This aspect is restrictive and frustrating. It delays things and can create an atmosphere of annoyance and obvious limitations. The markets are mostly moving sideways. Plans have been delayed and cancelled. Now is not a time to strike out, but rather to consolidate things and make preparations. After this wanes it will be much easier to get things moving. The Next New Moon will release much of the diminishing, but still powerful effects of this square.



On Saturday February 6th at 3:03 A.M. EST this exciting energy will come about. It happens early in the morning, so you may not feel the effects, although the more attuned will probably awaken around this time, and possibly find it difficult to fall asleep again. This is a moment when the higher and lower minds can work well together. This will be especially true if it sets off your natal Mercury or Uranus. Unusual and inspirational ideas may present themselves, so keep your mind open and follow even the strangest thoughts; you never know where they may lead. Because Jupiter is in sextile to Pluto today as well, there will continue to be an excessive amount of energy being emitted, although that aspect produces less excessive force.



Also On Saturday February 6th at 12:41 P.M. EST this positive aspect completes. There will be a strong desire to make constructive changes in plans and projects, and you should do so. The combination of these two planets brings a depth to all philosophical questions and will bring up some social issues as well. Sextiles and trines must be proactively used or they will pass as nothing more than a pleasant day. If you use this energy properly you should be able to make those changes I mentioned above without too much difficulty or resistance from the outside world. This is an excellent aspect to get people to work together towards a common goal. Joint projects will flow more easily and there should be less tension than usual.



On Monday February 8th at 12:45 A.M. EST this confusing aspect occurs. For a day or so leading up to this conjunction you should be careful about your money and your heart. There is a great deal of illusion in air, and the romantic side of us all will be stimulated. While there is nothing wrong with romance, there is nothing realistic in this aspect. Any new love affair that presents itself now will probably not be very realistic. If you are looking for true love, wait a few days before committing yourself. If you want the romantic illusion this creates, then by all means, enjoy.

Use caution in all financial matters, especially if this sets off your chart. You will not be terribly realistic in money issues either. This is a terrific day to engage in any creative or artistic venture. Appreciation of music, theatre, museums and other arts is heightened, so do indulge. If you havenÕt seen Avatar yet, this would be a nice time to do so.



On Wednesday February 10th at 4:06 A.M. EST Mercury enters this revolutionary and, at times, erratic sign. For the next few weeks you should look for unusual solutions to your problems. Try to give your mind some freedom to roam. You will be quite surprised at the ideas that come to you. This sign does not like limitations of any sort, and does its best work when not tethered to restrictions. Some people may feel a bit jittery if you have planets in Aquarius, especially if your natal Mercury or Uranus is there. As Mercury crosses them, you could be nervous or agitated. But it is probably just your mind on overdrive.



On Thursday February 11th at 7:10 A.M. EST the planet of love and money enters this Neptune ruled sign. Confusion about romance is common. It may be difficult to see the other person clearly, so donÕt make sudden decisions. It may be difficult to extricate yourself from an uncomfortable situation, so spend some time deciding what you really want. Use caution in financial matters as well. It can be easy come, easy go with this combination. And you may not even know where your money went.



On Friday February 12th at 8:36 P.M. EST the mind will be focused and very functional. This is a good aspect for any detail oriented projects or important conversations. There is a realistic attitude in the air, and this would be a good time to look at your life or your projects without illusion. Get your errands done and finish up any paperwork that has been lying around. We are approaching the dark of the moon, a time for completions and tying up loose ends, and this aspect is excellent for just that kind of responsibilities.



On Saturday February 13th at 5:25 A.M. EST this feisty and confrontational aspect will complete. This is an argument waiting to happen, and if it sets off your chart, it will happen to you. Try to keep your tongue in check. The instinct is to say exactly what is on your mind, which can be quite useful in the right circumstances, but very destructive in the wrong ones. People will be prone to respond in a quick and direct manner, and the truth will out. It is the aftereffects that worry me. ItÕs not so much what you say as how you say it, and with Mars bringing the ego into every conversation, it may be hard for many to wear a velvet glove. Use extra caution while traveling. Mercury rules short trips, and with Mars so active, your temper or ego could easily get in the way of your decisions, and distract you.



The next New Moon falls on Saturday February 13th at 9:51 P.M. EST at 25 degrees Aquarius 18 minutes. The day or two leading up to it will be a particularly low energy period. If you tend to be emotional this may be a very trying time each month. I have found that people with prominent moons or a Cancer Sun, Moon or ascendant respond to the cycles of the moon more intensely than others. Spend this time finishing up anything that is incomplete, donÕt try to initiate new projects on a waning moon, it just wonÕt work out. Once the New Moon hits you begin new projects or attempt a new approach to an existing problem. If you have been living in a situation or involved in a relationship that is intolerable or has outlived its usefulness this would be the proper time to move on with your life. If you have been working on a project that is almost complete but you seem to lack the energy for the finality, you must push during these low energy days to end the matter once and for all. If you donÕt, when the New Moon arrives it will bring this ŅdeadÓ energy along with it and conflict with the newer force being presented. Each month we are offered a chance to clean house, so to speak.


Note: All aspects are most powerful and effective as they apply. Once the transit has completed, its force is lessened. The further it separates the weaker it becomes. 

Below is a list of times this month when the Moon is Void of Course and neither important decisions nor purchases should be made during these periods. The Void of Course Moon is a time when we should try to center ourselves and deal with spiritual matters not materialistic ones. Any decisions made on the VC Moon will not turn out the way we had expected.


The Moon is Void of Course from the time it makes its last major aspect in a sign until it enters the next sign. For example, if the Moon squares Mars at 27 degrees Aries and then has no more aspects until it enters Taurus it will be Void of Course for three degrees or about 6 hours. The aspects used are the conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition.


All times are Eastern Daylight:

January 15th 4:02 A.M. - 12:17 P.M.

January 17th 3:23 P.M. – January 18th 1:17 PM.

January 20th 1:06 A.M. – 1:36 P.M.

January 22nd 2:47 P.M. – 11:39 P.M

January 24th 10:03 P.M. – January 25th 6:11 A.M.

January 27th 1:33 A.M. – 9:01 A.M.

January 28th 11:48 P.M. – January 29th 9:10 A.M.

January 31st 1:27 A.M. – 8:23 A.M.

February 1st 11:17 P.M. – February 2nd 8:42 A.M.

February 4th 4:28 A.M. – 11:55 A.M.

February 6th 11:12 A.M. – 7:03 P.M.

February 8th 11:58 P.M. – February 9th 5:43 A.M.

February 11th 7:39 A.M. – 6:24 P.M.


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