On February 4th 1962 all of the inner planets, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were placed in the sign Aquarius. This rare and powerful occurrence is known as a “great alignment”. Its effects are so far-reaching as to alter the direction of society. The inner planets are known as the personal forces in the zodiac. They have more to do with the effects on the individual, while the outer planets; Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are called the generational planets as they move so slowly an entire generation will have them in the same placement. The effects of these planets by transit are more powerful than the inner, quicker moving ones.

It is important to understand the different energies of the signs to fully comprehend what has been happening in our society this past century. Aquarius is the most radical of signs. Its interests include anything unusual or unconventional. It rules electronics, computers, television, government; by and for the people, revolution and humanity as an entity. The planet Uranus, ruler of this freedom-loving sign was discovered in the 1700’s just in time to raise mankind’s consciousness to new ideas. Around the time of its unveiling there were the American and French revolutions giving rise to the new concept of a government controlled by the population rather than by a royal lineage or dictator. It was the first time in man’s history that the truly people had an active voice in their rulership. It was also a sign of this change that some years before Uranus’s discovery a young man flew a kite in a thunder storm to understand the workings of electricity, another of Aquarius’s domains. Franklin, by the way, was an Aquarius.

This lining up of the planets on that fateful day in 1962 created a 90 degree aspect (a square) to the planet Neptune, the ruler of music, drugs and illusions. A square is a powerful aspect considered potentially negative and definitely stressful. At the same time Pluto was in Virgo creating a 150-degree configuration known as an inconjunct to the inner planets. Pluto wants transforming changes that take place on a deep, often unconscious level. When you take the radical attitude of Aquarius, add the square from Neptune ruling music and drugs, and stir in the planet Pluto, one of the rulers of sex, you get a cultural revolution we now call the 60’s. It was sex, drugs and rock and roll that pulled our society to the left rather violently.

Within 2 years of that alignment we had the Cuban missile crises, Kennedy’s assassination, the Viet Nam War and the 60’s, which really lasted from the president’s assassination until the end of the Viet Nam War in the 70’s. It also led to the sudden development and advancements in the fields of computers, cabal television, and electronic gadgets, all Aquarius’ domain. A book called Future Shock that attempted to explain this societal development was quite popular. Our culture changed more rapidly than ever before. New and innovative processes became commonplace. The population rose up to denounce what it felt was an unjust war. We came as close to splitting this country as ever since the Civil War. Because this occurred in Aquarius the society was attracted to radical ideas socially and politically. Men grew their hair long and women took the pill. We had war and anti-war. The revolution was under way and would continue for a decade.

But America has Libra on its mid-heaven and Saturn in Libra in the 10th house of worldly status, a very strong placement for this planet. This is what makes us the cops of the world, always the good guys in our mythology. Saturn is exalted in Libra and rules the natural 10th house, allowing for a self-righteous attitude. The need for balance in our culture is easy to observe. We have a rather strong sense of a pendulum effect. We vote Democrat for a while, and then change to Republican. Whenever the American society moves too far in one direction there occur events to pull us to the other side, always searching for the middle ground that the Libra energy needs.

In May 2000 all the inner planets collected in the sign of Taurus. Half of these planets were again squared (90 degree angle) by Neptune, and half were squared by Uranus. Pluto once again created an inconjunct to half of these planets including the Sun.

Taurus and Aquarius are both fixed signs. These are the most stubborn and unbending of the zodiac and in each case the need for change must come from the stress of the squares and the inability of these fixed energies to easily change. But there the comparison ends. While Aquarius is radical and revolutionary Taurus is conservative and wants stability more than anything else. This time the alignment has heralded a turn to the right or conservative in our society.

Well, as I said above, within 2 years of the alignment in 1962 we had: The Cuban missile crises, Kennedy’s assassination, the escalation of the Viet Nam War and the 60’s, as radical and unfettered a time as humanity has probably ever known.

It is now 2 years since the last great alignment. We have had a questionable presidential election to say the least, the World Trade disaster, a war in Afghanistan and new laws including the creation of a Home Front office for the first time in American history. The changes in our culture are obvious. Many young people are voting Republican and most old Hippies are too busy mowing the lawn to get involved.

What’s happening? Why was Bush allowed to steal the election?

Because it was necessary to have a Republican in the White House, otherwise we couldn’t pull the society in the way the Taurus alignment demands.

But why couldn’t we just allow the changes to occur easily and without this great conflict?

Well, for one thing a culture is not unlike an individual. We tend not to change unless forced to. If you look at the chart of each of these alignments you can see that it is the squares and inconjuncts that are forcing the issues into the outer world stage. In 1962 it was Neptune in square to the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. A Neptune square will create great illusions. There will be a conflict in terms of reality versus fantasy. It will also weaken the resolve of whatever issues are in concern. Since Neptune rules drugs and music obviously there was an Aquarian revolution in these fields. Mars, the god of war was closely conjunct Saturn, the planet of restriction in this chart and, low and behold the war effort was severely limited because of the collective, and manifest as a negative pubic opinion of the war. Eventually it was stopped rather than allowed to continue to tear apart the fabric of our society. The Pluto inconjunct showed the power struggle going on underneath the surface. It’s a wonder that we survived in tact at all considering the long-term ramifications of this configuration. It was still in effect when Nixon resigned over the Watergate scandal.

If you look at the chart of May 2000 you will notice that while Neptune is in square to the Moon, Venus, Mercury and the Sun, Uranus is more effective than in 1962. It is in square to the Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. This is a major difference in analyzing each alignment. Kennedy’s assassination was more the effects of the Mars Saturn conjunct than a Uranus aspect. Had Uranus been more in play the Cuban Missile crises probably wouldn’t have ended so peacefully. (Kennedy did however have a Uranus conflict in his own chart at the time of his murder). However, in 2000 Uranus, the planet of explosives was severely afflicted. They blew up the World Trade Center! And because the effects of these alignments last for years we can expect more of the same. Neptune is creating confusion much as it did in 1962. We don’t know how to react to the warnings our government is giving us weekly. There is great fear in the collective consciousness as we attempt to live a normal life under the threat of continued violence. The Middle East is a tinderbox with half a dozen matches waiting to be tossed into the pile.

The major difference between 1962 alignment and the 2000 alignment is the placement of Uranus in the charts. While Neptune may create paranoia and fear, Uranus gives a good reason for that fear. Its explosive personality will not be satisfied with a long drawn out Viet Nam type war in a foreign country most Americans couldn’t find on a map. It is bringing the war to the west; America, France, England, Germany.

There is one more point to be taken. Taurus is the 2nd sign of the zodiac and thus rules all 2nd house matters including money. Coming into this alignment in 2000 we were in the longest bull market in the history of Wall Street. The square to the Taurus planets pretty much guaranteed the end of that era.

Mitchell Scott Lewis
May 2002
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